Virtual Bookkeeping Job...


Dec 4, 2006
Bookkeeper work at home


(If you don’t have t least two years online
experience and knowledge of QuickBooks Premiere/Online Edition please don’t

*College degree
in accounting, business finance or related field required.

*Five years of
full-time bookkeeping.

*At least two years online experience and
knowledge of QuickBooks Premiere/Online Edition.

organizational, oral and written communication skills (English).

*Ability to work
US Central Time hours or overtime to
meet department and company deadlines.

*Good English.


* Processing and
reconciliation payables and receivables.

* Daily posting
of cash receipts.

* Prepare and
maintain financial reports.

* Assist
financial research, documentation & spreadsheets.

* Present any
outstanding issues, findings or discrepancies to direct supervisor.

* Assist
accounting department with special projects as needed.

* Perform any and
all other duties as prescribed by company and/or direct supervisor.


All work is done via telephone, fax and email. All activity is logged into the
company’s database. You are paid weekly either by check or direct deposit. You
are an independent contractor.


*High speed Internet


*Speak excellent English

*Quiet home office (No children/pets/heavy traffic in background)

*Ability to work 9am-5pm CST, Mon-Fri.

*Computer savvy

*Pentium 4 or the Equivalent for processor, at Least 512 mb of RAM,
Windows XP Operating System, download speed of up to 512 kbps.

I am wondering if there wasn't a misprint in the advertised pay rate?! Even when I worked as a bookkeeper over 20 years ago for a Kayaking Outfitter, I earned more than that and I didn't have half the qualifications being required here!
I get that we are in Argentina and it's a work-at-home position - but as the previous two have commented, one is required to provide the company with everything, short of the clients and all for $5.00 USD/hour. That is absurd and an insult to the profession! And the address suggests a possible association with SF - where I worked that job and others to follow - and pay rates are very high there. Obviously the ad is a bit shocking to me.
I agree with all the posters here in regards to the wage offered to us THIRD WORLD argentinians. There seems to be a mentality that highly qualified people here need to earn these wages from Richer countries. I have seen this often and do not agree that wages offered by foreign companies reflect the living standards of this city.
The amount of requirements this job asks for must pay at minimum a liveable wage of say 13 US dollars a hour.
Then why even post this insult and paint yourself with the Carpetbaggers brush?
"Carpetbaggers brush," hmmm..interesting idea, but really I don't think it applies here directly. If it were an Argentine company offering this wage that would be different. But instead it is a company from the richest country in the world and, I think, one of the highest paying cities in the country, offering less than people earn at McDonald's in an entry level position in most cities in the states! Noone is asking to get rich here - simply that the pay level matches the skill requirements fairly. It seems to me this is more a case of taking advantage of 'slave labour.' Along the lines of those who the carpetbaggers sided with, once given the opportunity, when freed from those taking advantage of them.

car·pet·bag·ger [krpət bàggər]

(plural car·pet·bag·gers)



post-Civil War opportunist: a Northerner who moved to the southern United States after the Civil War, especially one seeking political or commercial advantage
I'm well aware of the definition - read carefully my post. My question is, who is taking advantage of who here? Sure there are currently economic advantages for any North American and/or European coming here with a little cash - but there are far more reasons to be here than finance alone. (And on 15 pesos an hour any advantage financially flies out the window!) I personally am not here for that primarily (sure earning dollars makes life here easier, theoretically) - I have family here and feel it is a far superior place to raise my child - the social values in particular. People here, in my experience, look after one another. In the states, the values, in my opinion, have fallen prey to a world in which what you 'have' and what you 'do,' for work mainly - define you as a person. Far too temporary a reality to depend on.