Visa: What do I need to move furniture w/o paying exorbitant taxes?


Jul 18, 2009
Can you help me?

I have been reading through lots of threads on the subject but it seems as if none of the many postings quite cover my needs - or maybe I just don't understand that they do. I have found excellent lists of papers needed to get all sorts of visa but am not sure which kind of visa I need.

So far I have been living happily with crossing from Chile to to Argentina, and - now that I have moved to Argentina - the other way to Valparaíso, something I shall continue to do anyway, because I have friends there.

Now that I have decided to live in Argentina, however, I want to move my beloved furniture from Europe to Mendoza, but without some sort of visa/whatever other than tourist, I shall have to pay almost 70,000 pesos impuestos/arancel/derechos - cheaper to buy first rate furniture locally, but I love my furniture, which it has taken me some 10 to 15 years to collect.

What kind of visa/whatever do I need for this particular purpose?