USA tourist Visa help


Jan 30, 2010
I am a US citizen with an Argentine spouse who has a green card. We want to get a tourist visa for his adult son to come visit us in the US. I looked at the visa application form on the US embassy website, and it looks like a nightmare of details. Is there a service or agency we can pay to do the filing for him, or help him do it?
get a reliable attorney in the US. probably 5000 but worth it. you can try at the US embassy in argentina. they should understand and help you. seems clear cut to me
continued. they have a category called intending immigrant. it would be important to establish his life in argentina is established and he will return. he is only going to visit to say visit disneyland and say hello to his mother. need to show he has a job and needs to return to argentina. don’t know his age but they will think he is a intenting immigrant. once again, establish his life in argentina and he will return. i sent my now wife to the embassy with her family to the embassy saying they wanted to visit disneyland. they all got 5 year visas. they went without her. she came to phx az
He should make an appointment and go and apply for a visa. He has to prove that he’s got ties in Argentina that he has to come back. Work or college etc. No job, no money, no family raises red flags. But if everything is in place there shouldn’t be any problem then. You can give a letter saying that he will stay with you but if there are not any strong ties to Argentina then it is next to impossible. No lawyers needed to apply for a tourist visa. It is simple and straightforward.