Volunteering in Latin America survey


Oct 28, 2008
So you've sipped mate in Argentina. Danced the samba in Brazil. Eaten tamales in Mexico. Rode a llama in Peru. Insert your cool experience here. And you just happened to do some good along the way in between all of your rich cultural experiences. Or maybe if you haven't done all of this yet, you want to.

You might be thinking: How can I share what I've done to encourage others to get involved? How do I get connected to an opportunity?

We here at Idealist.org know there's not many resources (excluding our very own International Volunteerism Resource Center, of course) for all of you English-speaking foreigners out there who want to become involved in affordable international community work, especially if you're looking to do good independently without the help of a voluntourism company. So we're starting a new project that aims to inspire and connect English-speaking foreigners with local opportunities for action in Latin America, and support them in their efforts. Staring with Buenos Aires, of course.

Because we want to help our English-speaking members down here better, we need some more information first. We want to hear from people who are currently involved or were in the past in Latin America, as well as those who haven't quite found the right opportunity yet. It'd be great if you could take 15 minutes and fill out this survey for us:

The results from this survey will help us inform our work ahead.

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this out! Of course, we're always looking for ideas about the actual project itself so please feel free to write me directly through [email protected]. Keep your eye out for some local face-to-face events coming soon as well.

Thanks again!