Volunteerwork in Buenos Aires


Dec 22, 2008
Hi everyone,

I'm a 22-year old female student from the Netherlands. I have a BA in International Relations and have just returned from South-East Asia, where I traveled to the Philippines, Cambodia and through Vietnam for 7 weeks with my sister. I had an absolutely fantastic time so, as I'm not starting my MA until September, I am looking into going abroad once again next year!

I'm still looking into several options, but I have to say Buenos Aires sounds amazing! The culture, the history and architecture, from what I've read, must be beautiful. Also, I've always wanted to learn the Argentine Tango!
Anyway, I've been looking into doing some volunteer work while I'm there, as I want to do something useful while I'm learning Spanish and soaking up a new culture. I went to http://www.volunteersouthamerica.net/ and found an NGO called L.I.F.E ([FONT=&quot][/FONT]www.lifeargentina.org). I've emailed this organisation and received an answer today. Now I would like to ask if any of you know anything about this organisation or have any experience in working with them. Is it realistic that they offer a shared appartment in Palermo for $400-$450 a month?

Also, if any of you could recommend me any accredited NGOs in Buenos Aires where I would be able to do volunteerwork, I would be very grateful!

Thanks and take care,
400-450 is not unreasonable for a room in palermo. Look at craigslist buenos aires to compare prices.

I am doing an internship at an NGO called Bairexport.....Its an NGO that helps small business's increase there trade.


Going directly through them you pay 150 dollars for the internship and I believe you may intern for as long as you like.
I wouldn't recommend the housing offered by LIFE. They had problems with cockroaches in the kitchen, and apparently the rooms aren't very nice for the price. My sister and I volunteered there, and found it very disorganized, to the point that we had signed up to volunteer and when we arrived one day they just said we have to many volunteers today. It was interesting for the couple days we went just to see the villas outside the city and see the poverty you won't see within the city, however I'd recommend looking for other organizations.