Voter Registration For New Argentine Citizens

So I assume for we mere PRs, the opportunity has passed to register for the 26 april? I was going to be out of town so hadn't bothered to find out about it, but the dates of the trip changed so I wouldn\t mind at least the opportunity to vote...

i don't know who to vote for. No idea who all are competing!
The country needs more foreign nationals like you.


It's too late for any foreigner with citizenship to register to vote in the upcoming elections. The deadline for Argentines is 180 days before the national election -- April 28, 2015. Registration closed on March 20, 2015, for foreign nationals.
Not sure what's wrong with that. Many people would come into their new status as citizen with the desire to make their vote felt - and feel excited about it. Time may wear that excitement down, of course!

Maybe those who are not so excited, fit in better as Argentine citizens? :D
Isn't it a little strange that they would recognize "foreign citizens" different than native-born citizens? I thought a citizen was a citizen.
Is it possible that registration for "foreigners" has ended. Extranjeros with DNIs can vote in provincial, local elections, no? Maybe they were mistaken--or misunderstanding about a naturalized citizen?

If you're holding the real deal--an Argentine citizen DNI--then all should be equal under the law (per Bajo_Cero2 and the Supreme Court). There are no second class Argentine citizens--there are many judgments from the SC and provincial high courts that establish it.
I consulted the Superior court of the city regarding voter registration. It seems reasonable that registration was closed on March 20, for the city elections on April 26. What I don't understand is why I'm not able to register by April 28, which meets the requirement of 180 days before the general election on October 25.

I presented my DNI at the entrance of Superior court. My name, DNI number, and telephone number were recorded in a log for future contact.

The online register at makes a distinction - you select electores nacionales or electores extranjeros before entering your DNI for where to vote in the city. The registrations are separated.

This is the actual text of the letter posted at the Tribunal Superior de Justicia, CABA:

20 de Marzo 2014
A partir del dia de la fecha y hasta el dia 27 del Julio de corriente, por expresas directivas de la Secretaria Judicial en Asuntos Originarios, no se empadronaran personas de nacionalidad extranjera. Quedaran a disposicion de las personas mencionadas, planillas para completer con datos personales a fin de ser contactados a posterior del 27 de Julio para lograr el empadronamiento solicitado.
Matias Ferrazzuolo
Pro Secretaria Administrativo
Jefe del area de Servicios Generales
Tribunal Superior de Justicia CABA

ElCordobes -- even if you took the oath of citizenship today, you still would have to wait for your new DNI for citizenship to be processed. You're not going to make the deadline of April 28 to register.
Hi Does anyone have an idea? I am registered at the Argentine embassy in Prague but I will be away traveling witha group
I will send this question to Prague but does anyone know if I can vote absentee abroad??
Information for permanent residents of the city of Buenos Aires who are eligible to vote in city elections, although it's too late to register for the April 26th election for mayor and city legislators.


This is news to me that permanent residents who have permanently resided in the city of Buenos Aires for at least three years are eligible to vote in the city elections. The helpful Immigration for Dummies thread by khairyexpat (dated March 19, 2014) states that permanent residents get a permanent DNI, but no passport or right to vote.

I used the online turno option and will register in Circ. 5 on June 1 at 15:30 hs. I won't be eligible to vote in the August primary or the October national elections, but at least I will be registered in the city.

There are probably many forum members who meet the requirements to vote in the city election Sunday, but aren't registered.

I'm curious -- Is there any permanent resident already registered who will be voting on Sunday?