VP Palin interview on ABC TV TERRIFYING


Quoting Barak Obama regarding the lack of issues being discussed by the McCain camp. "The American people are not stupid". In light of a loseing war in Iraq and Afganistan the housing crises the bailing out of Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Today Leaman Bros and Morgan Stanely and the national debt. The U.S is in deep deep trouble. So what is the issues the American People are talking about? Sarah Palin! No Senator Obama, you are wrong. The American people are stupid.


"Stanexpat" said:
Actually, despite the comments here, this choice has worked very well for McCain so far. He's now ahead in the polls.
Quite so, but to reiterate a point from my earlier post, the US gets the leaders it deserves. The USA is in a state of deepening crisis that is arguably going to be worse than the Great Depression (indeed, Alan Greenspan, in an interview with the BBC earlier today, contended that the crisis is a once-in-a-century affair). And the "leaders" the electorate can choose from include hare-brained idiots like McCain and Palin (or Obama and Biden, if you please). Palin is an egregious choice and McCain has chosen her so as to pander to the stupidity of the American electorate. Well, time to open another bottle and drown my apprehensions in alcohol.Postscript: Here is a good link on what is really happening with McCain and Palin.


If the Democrats run decent, thoughtful people, and the Republicans run McCain and a wacko, and the the American people vote for the wacko, it isn't the fault of the Democrats. It's the fault of the American people. In democracy, you get the leader you deserve. Ken


As Plato noted quite clearly 2500 years ago, if ignorant people are allowed to vote, you cannot expect them to elect any other than ignorant leadership. That is the failure of democracy. It is often called the tyranny of the majority. If the majority of Americans are so flagrantly stupid that they can give the slightest serious consideration to elect to one of the most powerful offices in the world a senile, dying nutcase and his bimbo, brainless, clueless pandering flake, who will more than likely be the President within a year, then let them have it. America has to hit the bottom before the stupid class gets a hint of what they have done. Meanwhile, study Mandarin.


Anyone who leaves Argentina to go and live in the United States right now must have rocks in his or her head. The USA is on a fast road to decline and its going faster than we all imagined.


The problem with you Americans is that it's all the smart, worldly ones that leave the country! haha. Please, please -- to all of you American Expats, I beg you, make sure you have registered for absentee voting. You may make the difference in this election.