VP Palin interview on ABC TV TERRIFYING


Well I'm glad somebody finally got the Agnew quote. I remember Hillary voting for the Iraq war. She now disavows it. Does this make her a liar and hypocrite. I don't think so. This is politics and sometimes real people make mistakes.
I don't think you can make a judgement on somebody based on a single vote. Keep an open mind or you will become just like the people you are so angry at.
Just for fun select one of the following leaders.
Leader 1 - Had affairs while married and rumored to have used cocaine and drank 5 or 6 coctails a day and was a heavy smoker.
Leader 2 - Heavy drinker, about one bottle of scotch a day. Was not a very reliable father and family man, had lots of financial difficulties and family problems during his adult life.
Leader 3 - Didn't smoke or drink and is a decorated war hero. Totally dedicated to political life.
Select one of the above and let me know. I'll give the answer after I have a guess or two. BTW these are real people.


Ok, you guys got this one.
1- FDR
2- Churchill
Certainly two giant of the 20th century despite their personal weaknesses.
3. Hitler - He was also very good with small children, very strange.


Quoting "donesteban": "Hitler . . . . treated his dogs better than his women (both committed suicide)."
Well . . . the "suicide" of the second was . . . hmm . . . "assisted".


I was wondering if anyone would comment on that factoid....I thought Eva was "loyal" enough to the Furher to not require assistance. It's interesting how this topic has lead to the inclusion of these two...individuals.


"Stanexpat" said:
I guess I don't get it. Do people believe really believe there is that much difference between Obama and McCain? What's going to change after the election if one or the other is elected, not much in my opinion.
Nope, the differences are mostly cosmetic. This doesn't mean political discussions are pointless; merely that a more sceptical point of view is warranted. As I'm fond of saying, the check marks left by some little old ladies are not going to affect the deployments of the carrier task forces in the Persian Gulf. American "grand strategy" will remain approximately the same whether Democrat or Republican gets elected. To succeed as an American politician one has to be adept at talking the talk but not walking the walk, and at fudging, obfuscating, and skirting real issues while making a great fuss about things that don't matter (e.g., did Obama call Palin a pig? Or, is Obama in favor of allowing homos into the army?).Postscript: By the way, with regard to talking the talk (loosely and vaguely), but being careful not to wlak the walk (if and when elected), here's a good article at dissidentvoice.org:
Barack Obama and Joe Biden seek to appeal to the bitterness and anger
among working-class people while assuring wealthy donors that they will
be responsible managers that answer to the ruling class — a feat that
requires them to talk out of both sides of their mouths. Biden talks about understanding the plight of workers, but legislates
to make it more difficult for them to get out of crushing debt. And he
walks past his low-income supporters without a word, in one of the
economically hardest-hit cities in the country.


I agree with Wolf that there won't be any real change in foreign policy under an Obama administration. Europeans perceive Obama to be "anti-American" in the sense that he apologizes for the US and gives the impression that he thinks the US a bad country (his wife has called Americans "mean") in need of the kind of salvation that only he can give. The truth is that Obama's ambition is far greater than any principles he might have/have had. He will have to maintain the status quo. Neither Democrats nor Republicans want a radical change in US foreign policy. Look what happened to Ron Paul - totally marginalized. As regards domestic policy, Obama would surely nominate liberal judges who will take pro abortion and other positions popular with the left.


I have been reading this post for a while... and find it fascinating that BBWolf and others can go as far, as to say that the differences between the far right (far wrong) and the democrats is merely "cosmetic"...Let's take a look at some of those cosmetic differences: 1. Obama grew up in USA as a black man in a racist country. (I guess that would qualify as cosmetic.. the color of his skin?)2. Obama is 30 years younger and in good health...(has less wrinkles & very low risk of dying in his 1st term)
3.Obama has been against the "oil" war...from the beginning...while McLame has been 110% for it...4.McLame "chose" Palin to be his running mate... (don't think I need to explain what a psycho bitch she is...and all she has "faith" in... on this blog..everyone seems to agree on that)5.Obama had voted against Bush and the republican party 80% of the time...McLame has voted for Bush and the party 80% of the time... The list can go on and on... I figure that BigBadWolf does not live in Alaska (Palin might shoot your ass from a plane, just for the fun of it)