Wages in Argentina Suffer Record Drop

Yes but I said a year ago, not 7 years ago. As far as I know salaries increased more than the blue rate since October.
Hhmm, ok! I'll ask the people who knock on my door everyday asking for food if their pay has increased in the last year relative to the dollar blue, 50% poverty rate in Argentina brother, those folks don't know and don't care about the dollar blue.
I'll go one more round with you but don't be offended if I use an example that strays from your original timeline. One could be making the same amount of pesos today as they were in January and that salary would have increased against the recently declining dollar blue while also have declining buying power because inflation is still over 200% annually.
Yes I 100% agree with you, I just thought the plane ticket example was weird because as plane tickets are based on USD they aren't subject to that same inflation. So one would assume that if you now make more in relative USD terms that it would actually require less monthly paychecks to buy that ticket compared to let's say 6 months ago. One thing I didn't account for was the devaluation of the official rate which probably increased the ticket prices considerably even though the usd price remained the same.
As far as I know salaries increased more than the blue rate since October.
The dollar blue price on October 10 was the same as it is now.
Therefore, it would be safe to say that if something has increased in price since October, it has increased more than the blue rate.


Which means most people make 30-50% in USD compared to october. As a result buying the same plane ticket priced in usd should require less salaries and that was my point. Although it might not be the case for plane tickets originating from Argentina if those prices were tied to the official fx rate.