Wanna book swap?


Sep 8, 2005
hey guys. i was just wondering if anyone wanted to trade books. I'm just about done with mine and wondered if anyone else has any other books in english lying around or just about to be finished. I figure we could just switch rather than buying a new one every time. let me know if you're interested.
Sent you a note, but I always forget to check my box so I figure I'll post as well -- I'm not down there until the end of this month even, but I'd definitely be into swapping books. Keep in touch and maybe we can get together for a coffee / book exchange!

hi, i have a few books..and i would love to swap! let me know...we can go for coffee and discuss details....
how about a book club? would anybody be interested in that? to meet say once a month and than we can all exchange books.
(Hint) You can post list of your books that you want to exchange here :).
ya, book club sounds awesome. let's do it. how about whoever is interested in it, post the days and times best for you to meet and then we can try to figure out what works for people. cool? for me, sundays are always good at whatever time. what about you guys?
sundays sound great. in the afternoon though! :)where can we do it though? does anyone have a big enough apartment? i live with my boyfriend and mine is teeny tiny!!!!!
ok. let's do it this coming sunday at 5pm. let's meet at that cafe on the corner of bartolome mitre and florida, downtown. meet on the third level. i dont remember what its called but i think its an italian name. and its red and black. its right next to that circle with the statue and by the big bank of boston (i think its called) with the cool designs on the front. we can just do this for the first time and then decide from there. sound ok to everyone? see you on sunday at 5pm! :)
great. sounds good. the place is called segafredo btw. how will we know who the other ppl are???
well, i will have a blue book with me (in english :)) on the table, it has a blue cover. i have black hair, im 23, and i will probably have a journal with an orange star on the front. hope that helps to find each other. what do you guys look like? i can we can also look for people who look lost!!! hahaha see you on sunday