wanna poetry workshop?


I like poems a lot, and also I like talking about poems with other people. Other people who like these things, let's do them together. Like maybe let's go to a bar and share our own poetry, give critical feedback on each other's poetry, share published poetry that we like, bring prompts to journal about and then share, collaborate, drink, etc.

I'm 22, I'm from the USA (Michigan), I've been here for seven months, I live near Abasto. I started writing poetry in high school and started writing it intensively in college. In September I'm starting a creative writing MFA program in the US.

Some of my favorite poets are Walt Whitman, Frank O'Hara, Robert Creeley, Anne Carson, Frank Stanford, Juan Gelman, Alice Notley, Elizabeth Bishop, Wallace Stevens, and Emily Dickinson. I find sestinas hilarious, don't you?