Water Birth - Natural Child Birth in Argentina


Thanks to those of you who shared some great information! I have been looking for providers who provide home and water births - without much luck. Although I don't offer these myself, I do offer doula services as well as private or group birthing classes (antenatal classes) in English. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you! Good luck! www.buenosairesbabies.com


What are the pros of giving birth in water?
Working with gravity
Getting into a comfortable upright position may be easier if you are using a birth pool, particularly if you have a physical disability. Being upright gives you the advantage of working with gravity as your baby is born.

It may be easier to push your baby out in the water than in air. You'll be supported by the water and can use the sides of the pool for extra support.

Peaceful birth for your baby
Champions of water birth believe that the transition to the outside world is less traumatic for babies who are born in water. There is however little research to support this.

The idea is that the warm waters of the pool will feel like the waters of your uterus (womb) to your baby. Babies born in water are often calm, and cry less than babies born in air.

Satisfaction with the birth
Women who have water births generally say they have had a positive experience. They say a water birth is particularly helpful when it comes to the pushing stage.