Water safe to drink?

Hola todos! I have been drinking regular tap water daily and after 8 months in BA I am still among the living ...

Is this considered a safe practice or not, please? (Or perhaps I'll begin to grow a new and strange appendage.)

I appreciate any advice you may have to offer!
Wot Tom & Rodalfo sed.

The water system was engineered by the British and the water is as safe or better than UK drinking water throughout the country. Just like the UK, the mineral content varies region by region and people with more delicate digestive systems may take a while to get used to the mineral balance in certain other parts of the country. If you have a preference for bottled or filtered water there's plenty of it about but the mains water here is all potable.
Thanks all for your replies. I've never noticed the chlorine smell myself. Guess I'll carry on then until I find a reasonably priced water filter pitcher for the fridge ...


You know what W.C. Fields said about water. (google it)
that said, I have always drunk the tap water here.
I did install an inline water filter under my sink last year, because the water in my building, like most, gets pumped first to a tank on the roof, and sits up there- so I wanted to filter it for particulates, just in case, although I have never noticed any in my ten years in this apartment.
In general I think the water in CABA is pretty good. I have no qualms about drinking it.