We offer full time job in Center.


Aug 15, 2007
Our company is looking for a candidate to incorporate to our seller´s team.
The real state company specially focus on temporary rental.
The offered job is full time and the candidate need to have an DNI or CUIL.
Please, send your CV to [email protected]
Strange I know - what they offer is likely to be ridiculous.
I guess they will never post the 'package'
It's all relative really.There are people in bsas working 5 days per week 10 hours per day for as little as 600 pesos and very happy with that.People hire other people to work for them to profit from them that is of course just the way that works but nobody forces one to take a job or to stay in one so that's all just fair really.
I don't know anybody working 5 days a week, 10 hours per day, making 600 pesos and pretty happy about that.
I am probably rating their happyness a bit awkwardly. But there are people working such jobs, working hard and not quitting, if they were extremely unhappy with their situations then that would not be the case.
I met MANY Argentines who work for very low salaries. I think the minimum wage is 800 pesos a month. A "good" salary is about 1500, at least for the working class. A friend who had worked at an insurance company for 10 years makes 3000 a month.
This job sounds like a sales position doing temporary rentals. Most likely looking to tap the english speaking market with some native speakers.
I would expect this will pay upwards of one million pesos per month. That's just a guess though.