Wedding Photographer


Nov 14, 2011
Hi everyone!

I have searched here in the past topics and saw some links but was wondering if anybody has some new links or know of a good wedding photographer??

Any help would be great!
Jocelyn is a close friend of mine so I am obviously biased, but she does weddings regularly as well as a lot of commercial photography and design. She used to be in the international fashion circuit:

Back in the states I worked as a Super 8 wedding cinematographer and have been meaning to start up my business again here. If you are interested I'd love to sit down and talk with you. You can see an example of my work here:

Good luck!
I don't know them so can't offer a personal recommendation but saw their info on an expat mother site.
Thanks guys! @Jeff.Zorilla I have sent you a PM
Emma Hodson did our wedding and was FANTASTIC. Beautiful photos, she has a very unique style. Can't recommend her enough.
Just saw my friends wedding pics...gorgeous..Agustin Romano she used...Ill try and Pm you with some samples if I can..of course it helps shes the most stunning beauty...sigh..arent they all in bsas
I have a production company that focuses on film and television, but we have done videos for weddings.
This is one that we did for a couple who came down from the US to marry here (and brought 150 people with them--talk about destination wedding!). This is the 5 minute trailer for the internet. We also did a 20 minute version that feature the couple dancing in a ballroom.
feel free to email me: ginger at santelmoproductions dot com

our website is