Western Union money transfer

on the brink

I've never used Western Union, but am ready to try it now. Do I need a DNI, or is a foreign passport acceptable? Advice greatly appreciated....!


USD is at 160.68 with Western Union now.

For us Europeans dealing with the Euro it looks to be on steroids, it's at 196,71, if (when) it hits 200 I'm popping the champagne...
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How much does WU charge?
To get the exact amount they charge for a specific transaction, you'll have to go to the WU website and plug in the amount to be transfered and the way the money will be sent as well as received.

WU charges progressively more for cash pickup if the funds are sent directly from a US bank account and a debit card can also be used (usually speeding up the transfer) at no extra charge .

For example, the charge is &25 USD for a transfer of 500 USD and 50 dollars for a transfer of 1000 USD.

The fees are $39.50 and $77 USD if the transfer is paid with a credit card

However, if the sender pays in cash at a Western Union agency, the transfer fee is only $8 USD for either amount.

WU does not charge any fee for bank to bank transfers, but, as indicated on the online form when you are setting up the transfer, it could take up to eight days to receive the funds, though one member of the forum reported the funds arrived much sooner.

As far as I know, the bank to bank transfer is the only one without a fee.

I made a transfer last night and the rate was $160.86 (and still is this morninig).

I used my US debit card for the transfer of just under $500 USD and the fee was $10 USD.

I expect the funds to be credited to my Argentine bank account late this afternoon (before 6pm).

PS: You can go to the WU site any time to check the current exchange rate and the fees without having a WU account, but you will have to create one and log in to make a transfer.
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