wet cat food!


Jun 6, 2006
I have two cats here and am very keen to put them on a wet food diet (the tins of cat food...or similar) because of the health problems related to biscuits. However, I can't find any here at all! Not even Whiskers!:(
I've thought about grinding up my own meat but can't find any of the necessary supplements to do that here either...and have no idea how this would go down with the kitties.
Does anyone here know anything about where to buy wet food (if it exists) or have any recommendations for a home-made, all meat diet for cats?
You can get canned food here....go to any of the Royal Canine/Vet shops they are everywhere. Now the question is the quality of the food....go to the www.royalcanine.com/ar and you you check out what they have here and the ingredients.

If you do your own home cooking you do need specific supplemens...taurine being the first...not sure if you can get that here, doubt it. Google "home cooking for your pets" there is so much out there on the web.

I do have a book, if you have specific questions send me a private message and happy to help you out.

I still have my dry cat food shipped from the states, yet to find a high quality product here, sadly!
Royal Canine is suppoed to be one of the best pet foods. I'm switching my cat to it. What are the benefits of a wet diet?
actually i have a pet store on borges y santa fe right in front of plaza italia. there are lots of different types of wet pet food here, but often you will have to special order them through your pet store.
whiskas in a bag has not been imported to argentina for the last 2 or 3 years due to some regulations. its better that way, cause whiskas is so full of chemicals and artificial everything..
fel's in a very good, well balanced brand of canned cat food it costs around $5 pesos a can. and yes its true that royal canin is the best available. they make medicated wet food, although the priciest, this is the recommended way to go.

if you have anymore questions call me @ 48334130.
Personally, I recommend the BARF diet for both dogs and cats. Luckily, if you live near a Coto market, you can find dog & cat food in the meat section. Look for the disgusting looking packages with the labels that say "Picada para Gato" (minced cat food) or "Picada para Perros" (minced dog food). As for the cooking issue, stay away from that when feeding animals. How many cats (or dogs) in the wild do you see baking some grains or soybean products???! They eat live birds, bugs, lizards & grass...
From what I have read, people are now praising a "wet and/or canned food diet" for cats as it is the easiest way to get needed liquids into their diets. Cats are not the biggest water drinkers and some have issues with this health wise later on in their life.

Dry food is also important..so a mixture of both seems to work well for most.

I am not an expert, but I have read a lot and also worked with natural pet food stores in the states, so was educated through my clients too.
Would you please give me a website link for the "Fel's" canned cat food, or else an ingredient list off of a can.
sorry i didnt get your message sooner. tommorrow when im at the shop i would be happy to send you nutricional information.

un abrazo.