what can a single gal to do over Christmas?


Sep 27, 2007
Hi there
I´m on my own here in BsAs, and my friends that I have here will be leaving BA for Xmas...I wanted to know if there are any social events for expats or travellers over Xmas that I could go to here in BsAs?
Alternatively I would be interested in getting away for a few days...maybe to Uruguay or somewhere else? does anyone have any suggestions over this time which could be quite festive?
Also,I don´t know any good travel agents here in BsAs if anyone can recommend anywhere?
thanks...any suggestions will be welcomed!
I sympathise, my wife and I were also at a loss what to do over Christmas, fortunately we have now been invited to Pilar by some friends.
My best suggestion would be to get some Argentine friends, they simply will not let you be alone over Christmas. Failing that I understand all the Milongas will be open, although how you get around I have no idea.
Best of luck, if I hear of anything I will let you know.
hey,i am living in buenos aires at the moment and although i will be going to punta del este on the 27th, i will surely be going to a party or a dinner on xmas.. you can email me [email protected] so, what are you doing in BA? how old are you etc? x
I don´t have any firm plans yet so I might also be looking for something to do for Xmas. In other posts several expats have been asking the same question.
How about finding a restaurant that will be open and meeting up there for the final expat-dinner?? Anyone interested?? We would need to sign up let´s say right here to see how many we would be.
I could be interested! Am not 100% sure I will be here but will know for sure in a week or so!
Anyone else?
Sydgirl, I too am alone for Christmas. I'm thinking about having a party for expats and my orphan friends here on the 24th. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
Hi all! I thought I was the only in the whole of Argentina!! I have arrangements for christmas...what are you doing for new years??? I am currently living in Mar del Plata, but am able to travel...
Jeanine x