What can be expected...


Aug 29, 2006
If there was this party that is 50 -52km from the city, is the host expected to provide transport for the guests to and from the party location? This is a BsAs situation and everything the family knows about party protocols in the US is being put to the test here. So any advise would be great. And yes,I did check with Ms Manners, she was of some help but not a whole lot.
Hello Grazie,There are two ways of handling this, depending on the situation and type of gathering.
1. If the guests, on average, are familiar with the area where the party is to be held and have their own cars, you can issue them with a detailed map, propose meeting places along the way, so that those with less knowledge of the area do not get lost or left behind. 2. Should they not be familiar with the area, or not have their own transportation, you can always retain the services of a shuttle from downtown Buenos Aires and arrange several pick-up points and times along the way, to suit the guests' different places of abode. This is particularly good if the gathering takes place in the evening.
That's how I have gone about it when organising family days at St. Andrew's Scots School in Punta Chica, in the northern suburbs. We have lots of people who come in from the southern suburbs (Temperley, Adrogué) and they usually use double-decker buses provided by the Headmaster of St. Alban's College. It is quite effective and makes everybody happy.
I hope this helps!CheersErnie
I dont think I would expect the host to provide transportation. I know sometimes in the US for a wedding or bar mitzvah the host will have a bus if the reception is a long ways from the ceremony.
Thank you very much for your insights. See, I learned a new thing today.