What's Autumn like in BA ?


Jul 12, 2009
Not sure what to pack for April/May/June in Buenos Aires (I will likely be out of town/traveling in July-August).

Mainly in terms of a coat - I have some light sweaters / long-sleeved tops, jeans, etc. Just not sure if a rain-proof coat (similar in style to a trench, though warmer than a trench or sports shell) would be too much.
April it can still be 30 degrees (Celsius) on some days... May and June heading into rainer colder weather, kind of like Seattle or Vancouver in October... by the end of June it can be quite cold in the morning (4 degrees) but warms up during the day (15 or so). Layers are the way to go, I'd forget about the heavy jacket, you wouldn't need one until July or August, go with a light jacket and sweaters etc to wear underneath.
Thanks! I think my coat is ok (it's not heavy - but it's more than a kway/shell alone). It also has a pouch so becomes quite small. If nothing else I'll use it as a raincoat.
layers, layers, layers! as syn says, it can be super cold in the morning but then you are boiling at lunch time.