What's the photography/web market like?


Sep 23, 2005
Hi everyone,

Well I thought I would finally be brave and post my intro here...Im from New Zealand and heading to BA in Feb with a work visa. Currently my argentinian partner/boyfriend (whichever way you choose to describe it)is here with me, but heading home after christmas :(. I have some idea of what I would like to do in the 12 months I will be in Argentina (possibly extending into 24 months), and will probably head to uni for some extra spanish lessons.

What I really wanted to find out though was if anyone on this site knew what the photography and web design markets were like - small, big, easy with fluent spanish to find work, any english language papers (small ones), in-house company work, magazines, freelance easy... ANYTHING!!! The market here is small and competitive, but I have a good portfolio and have picked up some freelance work. I have a degree in media arts (major photogrpahy), and a diploma in web design.

I also have experience tutoring adults and childrens art classes, but no teacher qual - although looking into it.

On top of all that Im looking forward to the move to BA, and all the alfajores I can eat!