What's with Argentine's using ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME?


Seriously? Do keyboards here come with the caps lock key permanently locked on MAYUSCULA?

I used to work for an internet company where we classified emails written in ALL CAPS as spam. Whenever I see a text message or email written in ALL CAPS, I feel a visceral reaction that the person writing me [be they a good friend or whatnot] is an uneducated idiot or a Nigerian 419 scammer.

Clearly this reaction is not something that Argentines themselves feel upon viewing such messages, otherwise no one would write this way.

As reasons for possible explanations I've noticed that a lot of official documents are written in all caps. Perhaps the patina of bureacratic officialdom makes this acceptable/ I've also had friends tell me that writting in all caps obviates the need to properly place accents [and hence avoid the embarrassment of IMPROPERLY placing accents].