Where Can I Donate Gently Used Clothing?


Feb 22, 2009

I decided to get a head start on my spring cleaning a little early. I discovered that I have quite a few clothes (pants, shirts, scarves, a pair of shoes, etc.) that I either bought and never wore, or are very gently used, or no longer fit me (BTW- they are all women's clothes). I know that there are a lot of people in need in this city. Can anyone recommend a place where I can drop off/donate my old clothes, or a person who might need them?

Thanks for reading! :)
There is a church I know on Juncal and Coronel Diaz and every Monday night they distribute food and clothing to people living on the street. PM me if you want more information!

The Salvation Army also accepts donations.
Lots of churches accept second hand clothes. In the past I have given clothes to San Agustin on Las Heras opposite the national library (the church office is usually open mornings and late afternoon).
Love that your log on is Rasberry Beret, "like the kind you find in a second hand store". How fitting.
Two or three times a year my friend Carlos takes pack mules loaded with donated clothes and other supplies to several villages located in the mountains of San Juan. They are truly grateful for everything. I will post some photos asap.
great idea, im going to bring some of my stuff over on my next trip, after seeing a poor family sleeping in the street (mum dad and two little girls) i wondered how do they get clothes, where do they eat/shower etc. i didnt know if maybe i should approach them and give them some cash or what is appropriate. thanks for your comments.. i will try and get a trip that covers a monday.