Where can I go to escape the smoke?


Feb 18, 2008
I'm tired of the smoke in BsAs and there's no rain in site for days to come. Where would be a good place to go to get out of the city and escape the smoke? I can work from anywhere so leaving is not a problem.
I just want a place where there is no smoke, it can be reached by bus and has inexpensive accommodations if possible. Any suggestions?
I don't know what to advise you as I don't know how far the smoke extends. I can't believe that this is not the major story in the media but it isn't. The smoke is getting worse and has to be a health risk yet there isn't a word from the authorities and almost nothing from the press. I can't imagine such indifference in a developed country. I have the windows closed and the air conditioning on but my whole home smells of smoke. I woke up at 4 AM due to the smoke. Is this the result of forest fires? If so, surely a national emergency should be declared. Is it the result of farmers choosing to burn land? If so, they should be prosecuted for creating a health risk. Where is the government in all this? Where are the health authorities?
These are Arson fires set by some freaks and are burning out of control on a few islands in the delta. There is little in the way of air to ground firefighting infrastructure here in Ar to combat such semi remote locations. And I suppose Queen Xtina doesn't want to address one more ugly reality. Take a bus to Rosario.
I completely agree that the obvious health risks from this incident have been down-played far too much. It seems that the only main concern is that traffic has been interrupted. Personally, I was a bit "under the weather" before the smoke started spreading: Now I really feel like s**t. Headache / sore throat / etc. It only seems to go hand in hand with Argentina's disregard for safety, wether it be driving habits, diet, smoking, noise & air pollution. I don't want to create another "Argentina bashing" blog, since that is far too easy to spark. All things considered, i'm happy to be here, but there are some things we just cannot ignore, as human beings.
Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no escaping the smell and health hazard of this smoke, it goes as far as an hour away going north and same thing is observed and suffered one hour south of Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires - good air, remember?
I so vividly remember someone saying - what is that? - Welcome to Argentina. That is it. Gotta love it here. Just grin and bear it - what else is there to do. :)
Please, it is a forest fire! it will not harm you in any way! if you are uncomfortable from the smoke close your windows or buy an airline ticket and go home, and stop dissing Argentina! You are all here by choice!