Where is home to an expat?


Hi Expats!

I am a Psychologist and Intercultural Trainer living in BA.
I recently featured an article on the concept of home for expats, that I´d like to share with you.

Here is the full article: http://nomadasglobales.blogspot.com/2009/09/where-is-home-to-expatriate-what-are.html

I think this is a great topic to discuss. I lived abroad myself and every day in my trainings I come across expats in Argentina who wonder how to deal with homesickness.

So I´d like to ask all expats living outside of their country of origin:

Did you ever get to feel "at home" in Argentina?
What do you do to re-create the feeling of being at home, when you are on the move?

I´d be so interested in hearing your thoughts and comments on this!


Natalia Sarro
Intercultural Trainer