Where is the best sushi in BA?


Feb 20, 2006
I love, love, love Asian food because I hate, hate, hate, vegetables and I need to eat them and in my opinion the only culinary tradition in which vegetables are made in such a way as to actually look and taste like something edible is in the East. I have been amazed by the quality of many of my dining experiences here in BA but have been consistently less than enthusiastic about eating Asian food here because, after living in New York for many years, much of the Asian food made here is adecuate but not great in my opinion. At first I was really disapointed that it was difficult to find good Thai, Indian, and Chinese here (O.K. there are a few places in Belgrano that are pretty good but they in no way measure up to some of the spots in Flushing, Queens) but I was pleasantly surprised here by some of my experiences eating Japanese food and I have been eating it a lot more lately than usual. Now I'm hoping that the members here will rally to the cause and list there recommendations for the best Sushi restaurant in BA. I think that it will be interesting because there are so many to choose from. At the same time it is probably a dilemma for restaurant owners because fresh, good quality fish is not so easy to get here and, in fact, much of the fish that you see here has been imported for Chile and other places. So far I have had my best experiences at Dashi, Fitz Roy and Gorriti....Irifune, Paraguay, close to the corner of Reconquista (they are closed for remodeling until April and that is in large part the impetus for this post), and Morimoto located on the same corner as Irifune. I have also had some terrible experiences eating sushi here and will not elaborate but in the interest of setting some guidelines I will describe what I am trying to avoid. Please don't list places that put cream cheese in the rolls. Please don't list places that have been refrigerating a buffet spread of hard, dry, crusty rolls and bringing them out day after day far past the expiration date. Do not list places that smell like fish when you enter. The salmon should be a rosy, orange/red and not purple. Please not too much vinegar in the rice. Also the rice should not be wilted and overcooked. A gold star will go to the contributor who has a great recommendation that is open during the 3PM-730PM unofficial BA siesta period.


Asian food in general, and sushi in particular is one of the hardest things to resolve in Buenos Aires. Im a Buenos Aires native that came back home 4 years ago after a 10 year stint as a globe-trotting expat, and I still get decent sushi withdrawl every now and then. I still owe myself to check out Yuki.... but until now my only satisfactory sushi meals have been as Osaka (although its a little strong on the fusion lane and pricey for Bs. Aires standards), and also at Irifune.
Getting a constant supply of an ample variety of fresh fish is very difficult in Buenos Aires. Something as simple as fresh red tuna is hard to come by. Irifune keeps a database of customers that want to be advised when fresh tuna comes in... so this is something I especially like about them.
I would be interested in hearing NJCaramelo's opinions on both Osaka and Irifune, please post them if you get a chance.
Cheers - Alex (Gaucho)
Favorite so far is Comedor Nikkai - http://www.saltshaker.net/20061130/house-of-the-rising-sun
I tried to access your link saltshaker but it seemed to be a dead link. I just wanted to update this thread a bit. I passed by one of the restaurants listed above in my post and I discovered that I didn't have the correct name. The name of the restaurant on the corner of Paraguay and Reconquista is Morizono. Also I have recently tried Osaka on Fitz Roy. It is not exactly traditional sushi but it tastes good and it seemed to be noticeably cheaper than the rest. Next up is Bokoto in Cañitas and Yuki in Congreso. I will not rest until I have sampled them all!!! Stay tuned.
Nihonbashi is very good, but IMO its excellent for cooked dishes (Sukiyaki). Their sushi is good, but now up to par with the rest of their menu. Regardless, its a great place to eat and I can recommend it.
My favourite, especially for the price:quality ratio is Gaijin -- Bulnes y Paraguay.
We're regulars there, and every time we go we seem to get a better and better assortment of fish. They are lovely people and their combos are fantastic value -- with a bottle of wine and some combo plates between the 4 of us we usually spend only 35-40 pesos a head.
They do have tuna in season, but yes you do find a lot of lenguado. However, since we are regulars we've found our combos arriving with oysters, pulpo, scallops etc.
A couple weeks ago I had sushi at Mandarin (Fitz Roy and Costa Rica in Palermo)and it was great. Definitely recommend the place.
I didn't have time to read through all the posts on this topic, but one place that my sister in law here just LOVES is the restaurant in the Japanese Tea Garden located on....I think Berro and Casares....and lots of people tell me the same thing...good Sushi...
Ranking of Best o-sushi in Buenos Aires
Ichiso ------ good Traditional taste,and good price -expensive
good arquitecture
Bistro Tokyo ---good modern Japanese taste and good price - expensive
Bistro style and for younger japonese residents
Irifune --- good moderated taste and moderated price, quick service good location in Center of Buenos Aires
Comedor Nikkai ---- good traditional taste and very moderated price good for lunch or light meals good service
Sushina ----- good Traditional taste and moderated price * you have to make
reservation if not it takes too much and recomend to go with Japanese
Yuki ----- good traditional taste and some moderated and some expensive
* You have to make a reservation if not you cannot enter.
As for a Japanese restaurant Nihonbashi es the best for all aspects, make a reservation for Tatami room ! It is wonderfull. But not specialilly for o sushi even they have good and beautiful o sushi or you can start with osushi called Nihonbashi -Japanese Bridge and you will have a red small brigde full of nigiri zushi!!!! and go to Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki or Yakiniku!