Where is the best sushi in BA?


For really good, and authentic Japanese you should also try Nikkei in the Japanese Cultural Centre -- we went a few weeks ago and it was fantastic.
What I'd love right now though is a really good Noodle House or Pho -- anyone have any ideas?


Hello, I am not sure what kind of noodle you like to have but
Ichiso Venezuela al 2200 ----- good at Zarusoba and other noodles too
Comedor Nikkai Av. Independencia and Chacabuco Ramen and Udon are not so actually like in Japan they have a lot of things over like gomoku raamen - five- fravor- ramen even you order a simple raamen but good taste and fresh handmade noodle.
I never went there
Furaibo Alsina 429 specially in Ramen -Japanese noodle and Tonkatsu - pork milanesa.
All of places open for lunch and dinner.
This is not a Japanese restaurant but I like Ramen in this Chinese restaurant.
"Tao Tao" , Av. Cabildo near from olleros station. The owner is a Japanese so they can serve Japanese like Chinese food like Kara age - Japanese fried chicken
and Gyoza - Japanese empanada!? even Argentinian and Chinese waiters understand some Japanese frases and words so it is fun!