Where to Buy Hair Clippers?


Jan 27, 2009
Does anyone know where I can buy some Hair Clippers?

Note that, you often see these kind of hair clippers sold to consumers, where the guard doesn't come off, but only adjusts up or down. I'm NOT looking for one of those. I'm looking for one like the barbers have. Although any place that sells these consumer type ones, are a good candidate for a place that sells the barber style ones too.

Why do I want one?....

(No, I don't want to cut my own hair, but....) I use Hair Clippers to trim my goatee. (Although I'm not sure if it's called a goatee when it's that short. But whatever.)

I brought one with me, but accidentally broke it :( But I still need to trim it when I shave.

Any help would be very very much appreciated.

Ok you need to go to Las Margatitas It's on Cordoba 4600 Block, just off the corner of Scalabrini Ortiz.
They have the largest variety of professional Clippers. they might had What, which is pretty industrial.... or You can use the Gama Collection. They all work quite well.
Its where I buy all my salon supplies and they have very helpful staff.
Good Luck
Sorry about the spelling, ... they might have Whal ..... Which are the most professional, but i don't think you will need that high end.......( and are about 500 pesos, or more)
The Gama one is about 100 pesos and work great, professionally and at home.
Good luck....
Any Cotto will have them, I've seen them there. I think there is a store off of French near Junin/Santa Fe
There's a DO DO hair supply store (just past Carrefour Express) at Santa Fe 1934 between Riobamba and Ayzacucho (close to where you are staying). Ask for the GAMA ITALY brand/modelo ALC-2125.