Where to buy maps of Patagonia...


Jul 12, 2009
Hi guys, I'm off to Patagonia later this week and went into town today to try and buy a map of Torres del Paine as I am doing the W-trek. So I headed to the area around Parana y Tucuman which seems to have lots of camping shops and asked in a couple but no joy. One guy did mention something about a shop near to obelisco called something like 'locale uno' although I possibly (probably) misheard this as google doesn't bring anything up. If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Ed
my map experience :

I have been to the "librerias turisticas" en Paraguay/Pueyrredon, a nice little shop full of guide books of Argentina and the rest of the world, and also maps (behind the counter). I can really recommend this shop for anyone going to travel in or outside Argentina.
They only had 1 of the provincial maps I needed, and no trekking maps.

So I went to the Automovil Club, (where you don't have to be a member, although I think you get a reduction if you are). Here they had all I needed, including trekking maps.
You have to know what you need though, as you can not "look around and see what they have" but you must explain what you need. Then the man shows the map and you can decide to buy it or not.
There was no one in front of me, but there is this ticket machine to get a number so I guess it can become quite busy.
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