Where to live next???


Dec 17, 2008
Hello to all,
I’m Gene the husband of Lauris who joined yesterday. I read what she posted about me... most of it is true. :)
We have been traveling in Peru and now in Argentina. This is both a tourist trip and a trip to check where we would like to move. Lima or Buenos Aires? We moved from the States,(Florida) to Costa Rica when we retired 7 years ago. We think it’s time to make a move.
We like what we have seen so far and have a lot of questions. It’s good to know the beautiful, the good, the bad, and the ugly about a place before jumping in.
It has been a problem on this trip for me to walk and see all that we want to see and do. My right ankle does not want to cooperate and walking has been painful. Thanks to those of you who answer Lauris’s post about getting me a cane. I got one and it does help take some of the weight off my foot.
I’m hoping that Lauris and I can get together with some of the expat group while we are here.

I’ve always wondered what Christmas is like in the summertime?
I've lived in both places. Which is best is kind of dependent on what you are looking for. In you want drop me a private message and I'll answer your questions the best I can. There are definitely pluses and minuses to both places.
Hi there:

I hope you like Argentina and that your ankle is much better. Argentina is not only Buenos Aires. I am for Córdoba, and this is a very nice province to live there for a time. Many Argentinians and many foreigners choose that region for a nice retirement time. It is worth to find out.

Good luck!!
Hugo ( [email protected])
Somewhere on this forum you will find my frantic posts from last year, I was coming for Christmas and did not know what I would do. There are so many people in the same situation that I think you will have a great time. Try and befreind a few locals, an Argentine Christmas is quite distinct from anywhere else I have been and the only way to experience it is with a family.
The expat comunity is always throwing parties as well go every where and enjoy.
Most important though is to get outside Christmas Eve and Newyears Eve at midnight, for the best free firework show try Palermo Viejo.
Good luck