Where to stay in Miami? Miami Beach, Brickell, downtown or???


I used to live in Coconut Grove in the 90s, and it was very interesting over there but it's not a place where I would go nowadays to spend my vacation.
Yes you were absolutely right. I totally regret being in Brickell. Other than the weather and all the Spanish spoken, it feels like I am in any typical downtown area of any major city in the US. Starbucks, a shopping mall, and high rises.

Are you missing Argentina? I think so!
Not the weather, the tiny pueblo or how dirty it is, but I do miss the people of Palermo. Everyone there treats me so well and I feel pretty good. Miami is pretty lonely!

Life is about relationships, people and those who are worth being with.

For me, I wouldn't care where I was, or how bad it might be, if I was with the right people. As I like to say, I'd rather be in hell with someone who makes my heart sing, than to be in heaven with someone I don't care for.