Who has something great to say!


Mar 19, 2008
It seems to be that there are not to many out there that respond to these postings
with positive words about Buenos Aires. So why is everyone there? I am looking forward to it...but after reading this board....I am just wondering who has something good to say about BA?!?!
Hi everyone! I used to post here while I lived in BA and my good thing to say is that YES, I did get out alive and with all my money. I also spent the winter in Mexico, which was wonderful.
Seriously though, Ashley73 makes a good point and there's got to be someone out there with something good to say about BA.
Is this what is known as a screaming silence?
Not sure what "great" is really. But we have spoken about the great museums, art and antiques in San Telmo, the architectures, the food experience, the empanadas, life experiences and lessons learned, relationships made, asados, the magnificent tango, the great provinces be it Mendoza and its wine, Jujuy, Cordoba, meeting the people who are charming and life loving that live OUTSIDE of BA, the scenic and breathtaking sights of the provinces and why we choose one place over another - we had spoken about them here and have posted those positive comments, but somehow everytime something nice is posted - no one notices. What is noticed here are mostly the negatives that are posted.
Lots of useful and intelligent information and ideas have been exchanged here - no one mentions that as well. No one says - wow what a great comment and insight that is.
It is hard to come up with a "great" comment. Maybe what is "great" to one is mediocre to another - subjective really.
But I was wondering when the question was phrased "so why are you THERE" - does that mean the person who asked the question is not amongst us HERE ? Hmmmm...
I believe BA is one of the great cities of the world. There is so much to do and see. Even though it is the 10th biggest city in the world, it doesn't feel like it to me, it is easy to navigate around. Every trip my wife and I take there, we say, we love this city, and we are not city people. If you like nightlife, there is no city better. And regardless of what you read, it is still a bargain compared to other world class cities.
I too have found the overall tone of this forum to be negative. BA rocks!
soulskier, that is not fair...you live in Patagonia. We are in Buenos Aires. Mountains, clean air, wide open spaces, one car every 45 minutes on a heavy traffic day.... that is not BA. And I have this feeling :p... that you want people to come to BA and stay away from Patagonia...Patagonia Rocks!
Matty, Patagonia has tons of rocks, your right!
Come visit, might be good for you to get out of the big city!
"viviana" said:
Hi I was just wondering why not research some better cities and options??? I also have lived in BS As , Mar del Plata and Mendoza which is far the best in every aspect!!!...... half of the time I live in Mendoza with my husband where we are consultants to expats . We also help with travel arrangement, accomodations and investments if necessary......one more thing Mendoza's economy is more stable than Buenos Aires...WE are not affected with a lot of what is happening in Buenos Aires. Check out our site

Good Luck...
Viviana Milam
I was just wondering, was Ashley hoping to find someone with "something good to say about BA?!?!" or an ad about how much better it is to live Mendoza?
Well I appreciate all the opinions and keep them coming! And no, I am not in BA YET. So, I was just reading this blog this past year, and wanted to hear some positives. Of course, I am sure that there were some that I missed. Hopefully when I get down there, everyone can share whatever opinion they have in person.
Mista MATTY, I hope I didn't offend you. And if I did....well I think you will be alright :)