Who has something great to say!


Oh man, I came here with something GREAT on my mind to say about BA but forgot it because of all this talk of Mendoza, a city I really do like. I call it the city of trees as there's literally trees lining every street. Also the vineyards, which technically aren't trees but can look like that if you're laying on the ground. What can I say? I went on a wine tour and drank too much. I'm sure I'm not the first expat tourist type to throw up on someone either.
Anyway, about BA, I think the springtime there is GREAT. Flowers blooming and people walking around saying claro! every 5 seconds while they talk. It truly is like Paris (or Madrid) in a 3rd world country. Dogs everywhere and whatnot.


Well as long as there are "dogs everywhere and whatnot"!
Mendoza was where I was originally going to go. But things started gearing towards BA.
C'mon ladies! Lets here about the men? I have heard numerous times about all the women but what about those men walking around?!