Who's that guy? Holy Cow!


Apr 26, 2010

I'm Pablo, 27 and new here. Not really an expat though. I'm from Argentina but planning to move to the States in a couple of months. I'd like to hang out and make some friends so I could practice a little english while having fun.

I'm open to invitations or if anyone who would like to hang out with my group of friends (between 20 to 28) is welcome to do so next weekend.
I think one of my friends will be making an asado, but not confirmed yet.

May you all have a good one!
Where are you headed to in the States?
Hi Pablo!
Just wanted to wish you all the best!!
Thank you both. I'll be going to the north-west area.
It really depends on where would I be able to find a job, but that is where I'm aiming.

Good day
Hi Pablo. In case you haven't heard, the economy is pretty bad right now in the States. I live in the Northwest, and know many people out of work. I don't mean to discourage you, but jobs are scarce. Otherwise, it's a beautiful part of the country to visit.
Hi Pablo,

I'm argentine, but my boyfriend is from the States. We'd love to hang out with you & your friends, we're definately up for asado! Oh, and he's from the Midwest, so he might be able to give you some suggestions on cities to go to. Personally, I would choose Minneapolis or Chicago, they're both beautiful cities!

No sé porqué te escribo en inglés, para practicar un poco :) Mucha suerte!
I live in the pacific northwest. If you end up in seattle, let me know, I am moving back there.
I live in Arizona. don't come here. Currently we are kicking out all of the Mexican'ts and half of the Mexicans!!!
No jobs but cheap houses