Why bother painting lines in the roads?


Aug 14, 2009
I've been here a little while and I noticed that everyone drives however they want. So why bother with lane lines? Seems to be extra work that locals would rather not do and everyone ignores anyways.
I think they are used for choreographic purposes by the murga groups.
They are useful when you are so drunk you can't see. Then you only have to open the door and feel your way along.
Looks metropolitan I guess. But yeah, I was thinking the same the other day.
It's called job creation, like cleaning the posters off the lamp posts to make room for new posters, or giving the cartinistas uniforms to rifle through your garbage.

Just enjoy the madness, or you could go and live in Belgium.:D
I think you have to center the line in the middle of your car and then follow it to your destination. But it must be ilegal to drive between 2 lines .
Windy - I thought the lines were like Hash Trail - Just a guide, and you never know when you hit an FT !!! (Or roadblock!)..
None of you got it right. It's for speedracing! Haven't you tried to cross Libertador on a Saturday night?