Why the pavements (sidewalks) are so bad


May 26, 2007
Finally I know why you cannot walk down the street withot falling into a hole. I have a brand new appartment, the pavements were completed beautifully at Christmas every thing looked great. This week they came to install new telephone cables in Almagro, they jackhammered up all the new tiles and the concrete that they put in its place is only about 5mm thick.
Now all the pavements in this area are totallt destroyed and nobody seems to give a s***t especially the telephone company who wrecked them
Every property owner in BsAs is responsible for the sidewalk in front of their building- which is the same thing as saying nobody is.
In Europe and the USA, generally, the city would come and fix em, when somebody complains.
Not here.
If the building owner doesnt feel like fixing the sidewalk, it could be a LONG time before anything happens.
Yep TangoB, all of the apartments in your building must be SOLD. Otherwise, they would probably fix the sidewalk so that it looked nice for prospective buyers.

What I don't understand is why things in this city aren't done BEFORE the sidewalks are put down. But that's one of the "charming" things about this city. The 1st World doesn't quite hold the same "charm".
My point is the side walk was fixed, to a very high standard, but the telephone compay had no compunction in ripping it up again and making a lousy job of repairing it
I wonder if anyone actually complained to the phone company? If one complains, nothing will happen. Or is it that someone did complain & the phone company still doesn't care?
The telephone companies etc are supposed to put the pavement back the way it was once they are done.Often they don't. Its cheaper not to. The government doesn't have the resources or the will to go round chasing after every hole in the road, so they go unrepaired for a long time. The building can try chasing, but more often that not nothing happens either. Ho hum...
Are things changing? I have noticed hat some of the pavements around us have actually ben repaired (not mine though) but then they started jackhammering up the roads instead.
On a different note, I was walking back through Caballito at night and there was a wagon with pressure washer cleaning up the "peros depositos"
Hope for the future??
I've noticed a lot of general repairs in the sidewalks and streets with Macri's "La Ciudad Trabaja" campaign. I think it's great, but I've heard a lot of people complain because of delays, traffic, the construction mess, etc. It's their frame of mind: so often thinking short term instead of long.