Will expats be returning to USA thanks to Obama?


criswkh said:
The American system will be this way until the PEOPLE actually stand up for something other than a Democratic or Republican.
On the "Russia Today" network, one American at the McCain concession speech opined that Obama was an "African-American Marxist." And countless other Americans have been saying Obama is a "socialist" with a "socialist agenda." With this kind of massive stupidity and ignorance, both obdurate and determined, unshakable in its convictions, I simply give up hope.


What a paradox, one could say that the American society is not racist ( Obama won ) but it is sexist ( Hillary wasn´t candidate, Palin lost and they voted no for gay marriage ) Sounds simplistic, I know, but just leaves me wondering...


Perhaps, Nikad, the easiest explanation ('remember "Occam's razor"?) is that people voted for the person.

As for the persistent bugbear of "socialism" in American society, what can be said? After bailouts and all the other changes over the past three-quarters of a century, the label has lost its meaning within the context of American politics, save as an echo.


Man, not all expats are here for political reasons. I just graduated from school in May and already knew I was coming down here, regardless of the political situation in the US.

I remain cautiously optimistic about Obama's policies (I voted for him), but I see no reason to return right now with our economy in a shambles and job prospects horrendous for us new graduates. I'd rather stay here, earn my easy enough money writing and teaching English, and enjoy the city and learning Spanish.

And please, can we get some political discussion that doesn't involve throwing out broad, sweeping generalizations about Bush with no real reasoning behind them? I'm not a Bush supporter, but if you can't offer something to back it up, than you're just spouting hot air.


The happy and amazing surprise is that a brilliant, super bright man, Barack Obama, is now President Elect of the USA. The sad fact, and if you are in the states right now you know what I'm talking about. There is a group of hard core right wingers that just won't let it go. The game is over for at least 4 years but they can't seem to leave the stadium. Listen to the call in show "WASHINGTON JOURNAL" on commercial free C-Span (neither left nor right) and you'll STILL hear so much poisonous venom, intense hate, propaganda, false information - How did a Muslim - or/and Arab - get into the White House?... He's a terrorist !!!... they just can't seem to get their facts straight They are FREAKING OUT and so full of hate that I'm very concerned about what they're going to do with all of that rage. A teenage black kid was already beaten up badly on Staten Island (NYC) by 4 white kids as they screamed out "Obama" with their hate filled punches.

This country is SO deeply divided with no easy solution in sight - CIVIL WAR II??. Such a shame since IMHO Obama wants to reach for greatness and seems to be ready to work his a** off to get there. Let's hope he can fix all the major problems in the country. Mean while, if I was living overseas as an Expat there is NO WAY I would think of coming back to the US until one sees how this new situation pans out. If you are enjoying your life where ever you are at the moment, be it BsAs or some place else just keep enjoying - this repair situation is gonna take a long time and there is no sure success, we're working on hope only so far - but there sure is a lot of optimism in the air, let's hope it lasts for a long time for once... Dudester


Dudester, that is disturbing to hear. I expect for every step forward for there to be some bumps in the road, but it still isn't kosher.


Dude...I think you've got it wrong. The right are pleasantly surprised at Obama's conservative cabinet choices. He's even retaining Bush's Secretary of Defense! He is talking tough about Middle East policy, so it looks as though there will be no lovefest in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Palestine. For his inauguration Obama has chosen a right wing, fundamentalist preacher to give the blessing. Gay groups are furious. From what I have read Obama is annoying the left of his own party far more than the Republicans.


People put so much faith in Obama due to him being African American. Many believe that he will be more tolerant towards minorities but his cabinet appointments have been disturbing.

Do not be suprised if Iran is attacked in the next 4 weeks on the last weeks of the Bush Administration with the tactic approval of President elect Obama.

The reality will hit most soon what its in store with this much awaited presidency. There will be little change and more of the same policies. Of course there will be eloquent speeches that Obama is very gifted with that will keep the masses pleased but concrete change in the USA and its foreign policies seem unlikely with the Obama Cabinet.