Wine Tasting


Mar 16, 2006
I am in search of some wine tasting options here in Buenos Aires. Anyone know of any clubs, places, or the like to taste wine?Also, I am looking for some yoga clases, photography classes, and clubs/hang outs for students 18-28 years old. Any ideas?Busco lugares para degustar el vino, como un club o otra cosa como asi. Recomendaciones?Tambien, busco clases de yoga, fotografia, y lugares populares para estudiantes de 18-28 anos. Recomendaciones?Gracias!
The Club Europeo has wine tastings most months. They have a website. Check Tonel Privado, the wine merchants. They offer wine courses from time to time. There is also the Club de Vinos in Palermo. This is the premier place for wine buffs. Let me know what you find out.
I'm not into yoga but I thought that this might help.

Yoga in English!
Place: Serrano 360, doorbell C
Date of Activity: 2006-02-27
Time of Activity: 19:30-21:00
Contact Person: Cheryl Delaney
Contact [email protected]
Thanks to all who have replied. I will look into these places. Keep me posted, no pun intented.