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May 25, 2007
I'm a freelance photographer and will be on assignment in BA, AR, this Nov, Dec, and Jan. I've been in contact with a company called bytargentina.com regarding renting one of their listed properties. I would be most appreciative of any comments about this company, either via the forum or private message/email. One concern I have is a requirement to pay for the whole three months in advance, before I arrive, and by credit card. Thanks so much.
stay in a hotel for the first week and go and see different apartments before deciding on anything. no opinion on byt but a common complaint against a lot of these companies is that you don't get what's decribed on the tin and also if you're not happy then it's a nightmare either changing apartment or getting your money back. it's just not sensible to hand over 3 months rent before seeing the place in person.
Those reviews paint a very ugly picture of BYT to say the least. Indextar.com seems to be coming to life.
I have rented from them 5 times and have never had a problem that they were not able to resolve. Can you find cheaper places to stay in town if you have the time and perseverance to keep looking?.......Yes. Absolutely. Are there a million other companies down here in the same business?.....Yes. What I like about ByT is that they allow me to pay the rent via Paypal so I don't have to worry about dragging thousands of dollars down here with me. These are my tips for working with them. Conduct the majority of your correspondence with them via the Internet. Agents can be hard to reach by phone but they promptly return e-mails. The pics are real but they are arranged in such a way as to make the apartment look bigger so always pay careful attention to the size listed in sq feet or meters. If something needed is not shown in the list of amenities for a specific apartment send an e-mail to your agent asking about that feature specifically before commiting. Be sure to find out about the A/C and the bed size. Make sure to check-in during office hours. That way if there is some problem with the apartment a quick call to the office can resolve it. Also, in general, I would recommend committing to a couple of weeks or a month to find out if you like the apartment and then, if you do, signing another contract for the additional time or moving. There are so many apartments available and, even though you will be here during the high season, you might have less of a choice when looking but you will still be able to find something at the last minute (especially if you are open to living in many different nighborhoods).
Eric,Why don't you post your comment at indextar.com/ba as well? In a couple of month this thread will be burried in forum archives, but the company listing on indextar site and people's comments will always remain readily visible.
I posted this comment on indextar but I also tried to post another in a different area and after I took the time to write it and enter all of the info the system would not record it. I guess that the system still needs some work over there. I remember trying to post there a while ago and it wasn't recognizing my ID. I guess that they are still ironing out some kinks huh!?!??
Our apt. was nicely decorated and updated, but the beds were very uncomfortable and the sheets were rough and low quality.
The building maintainence shut off the water for the entire weekend the first weekend we were there for maintainence work. We were not told this up front. They did deliver buckets of water to flush the toilets, and the apt. owner did let us take a shower on Sunday at one of his other apts. He claimed that he was not told that the apt. wasn't going to have water that weekend. Then the day the cleaning lady came, my headphones disappeared....along with some of the kitchen utensils that I had used the day before. The apt. owner refused to believe that the cleaning lady could have taken it since he had never had trouble with her before. We told him we didn't trust her and the apt. security and wanted to move out a couple of days early into a hotel, but he refused to refund us any money. He did not offer to make any amends to my missing headphones either, neither did ByT Argentina. We moved to the PanAmerican Hotel anyway and paid out of pocket just to feel safe. I definately would not recommend renting this apt. nor would I recommend this company. If you go to Argentina pay the extra to feel safe in the PanAmericana Hotel. It's the best!