Apr 27, 2009
Does anyone know where you can buy Xbox or Xbox accessories in BA?
Having a crisis situation here, my son can't plug his Xbox into our Argentine TV , he needs another cable. He already went to 2 electronic stores and they can't help hem. He acts like he is dying, so I would be gratefull if someone could help me! :eek:
The electronics mall on Calle Florida should be able to help. Tons of little stores selling all sorts of cables.
In cabildo, in belgrano there are a lot of electronic and game consoles shops.
Thanks for your tips.
My husband and son went "shopping", were impressed with the electronic shops in Florida, but unfortunately my sons has got on "old" Xbox (almost 2 years old!) and in Argentina he won't be able to buy cables for this one (only in "official dealers" which don't exist here). Good to know! My son is looking for ways to get one here from Europe,but meanwhile I hope he will kick off gaming. (am afraid that this hope is in vane):eek:
I'm actually back in Ireland at the moment so I could get you the cable if you like,I'll be back in Ba in 10 days ish.
I'm not sure what cable you need though,so you will have to post a link.I actually have an old Xbox in BA that I brought from Europe and I'm pretty sure I didnt have to get any new cables to get it working( it was three years ago,so I'm not sure).
I do remeber having to play with the TV though and change the settings on the xbox to work with argentine TVs...Europe uses PAL systems and Argentina N-PAL or sometihng like that.
Let me know if you want me to pick up the cable, worse case scenario you can have mine for a while,until you get it sorted...
All the best


ps I'm away from internet for 3 until monday...
Good luck
Thanks for the offer Keith!

My son is mobilising his friends and family back home to buy and mail the cable. We'll see how things go but I am quite confident he will succeed. (he is desperate and nothing as efficient as a desperate teenager :D)
I will let you know of we need to switch to plan B (=you). thanks for offering!
I'm in the US now. I'd be happy to bring back a cable if it's available here. But wont' be back until the 20th. Your son might not make it til then though. ;)