Yoga makes you strong!

ASANAS (yoga postures) help you reunite your body, mind and spirit. EXPERIENCE YOGA for a more balanced life: manage stress, anxiety, depression, weight problems, improve your posture and sport performance, lift your self-steam, get centered and strong!
I'm a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with experience in Iyengar, Sivananda, Ashtanga and yoga therapy... get the technique & alignment, nurture the spirit and make it dynamic!! Classes are in Vinyasa style (flow) emphasizing elements from these approaches OR we can work in depth with one style.
One session is 90 min length including breathing exercises, sun salutations, asanas and relaxation. Props might be used.
Prices (up to 3 people): $60 per class or discounts offered in class-packages (min 4 classes).
If you are shy to yoga, new to yoga or want a twist in your practice... I'm your teacher!
More information? CALL Wanda at 4773-3340 (English and Spanish)