Yoga Park


Apr 10, 2010
I'm heading out to stay as a volunteer at the Eco Village Yoga park.

Has anyone ever been there or to somewhere like it? I'd like to hear different peoples experiences.

I'm pretty excited about it! I have noticed that Yoga is very popular here in BA.
Hey, I went there for Semana Santa weekend. I didn't go as a volunteer, I went for the weekend long program. I really enjoyed my experience. I found it very relaxing.

Just as heads up, as I didn't realize it before, it is a hare krishna temple. I do find it a little confusing that there is no information about hare krishnas on any of their websites. I found this part of the experience enriching, as I knew very little about this lifestyle before I went. Yoga and meditation are practiced in that context. They mostly do Hatha yoga, although there was one ashtanga class while I was there.

Over Semana Santa weekend I think the volunteers were having a bit of a different experience because there were forty of us there through weekend, and generally it is pretty quiet. Instead of working five hours a day in the gardens, they seemed to be helping a lot with feeing us.

I hope you enjoy your stay, maybe you can post again to share your experience afterwards.
I spent about a week there. The volunteers typically work from 8-ish in the morning til around 1 p.m. Some were gardening, in the kitchen, painting. They usually take a 1.5 hour yoga class each afternoon at 4.30. There was a great group of volunteers there when I visited, though I wasn't volunteering myself. The food is very good, but accom is fairly basic, slightly smelly shared bathrooms etc. There isn't very good access to internet while you are there, but town is about 15 min drive away and you can get there in a taxi (24 pesos one way) or on the bus from the main road. Take care walking around near the ashram, there are lots of stray dogs. Also have some warm clothes for night time. Overall t's a peaceful place and there are a very kind group of people who run the centre. Enjoy!
Oh really. Damn! So whats the dealio with the Hari Krishna business? Is it a big part of what they do there?
Just out of interest were a lot of the volunteers there English speakers? I am wanting to go but my Spanish is not great and although I would be going to relax/meditate etc I´m not sure I would cope with a weekend of silence!
Yeah, all but one of the ten or so volunteers spoke english.

As for the Hare Krishnas... That's a little more complicated for me to explain because I don't know very much. It is spiritual, but it is not a religion, the way it has been described to me is as a "way of life." It's very open, in that everyone chooses the level at which they want to practice. Ideally the most committed are vegetarian (don't cause any harm to living things), they don't drink or do drugs, they don't have sex before marriage. But none of this is forced on anyone. I found it to be an interesting learning opportunity to find out more without feeling the conversion pressure you get from some religious or spiritual groups.

Music therapy is chanting mantras in Sanskrit. Meditation also includes mantras and so does yoga, meaning there is some religious connotation.

I don't want to dissuade you. I think maybe the reason they don't publicize being hare krishna is that it could be hard to people not familiar with the spiritual practices to understand. I am often times uncomfortable with the concept of god and religious practice in any language, but these reservations wouldn't stop me from going back there.

Hope this is informative without scaring you off....