Young Family in Zona Sur


Jan 28, 2009

we are a German/Argentine Couple with a daugther of 18 months. Currently we live in Zona Sur. We are looking for other couples/families that come from abroad and would like to meet from time to time to go out, talk, let the kids play and so on... :)

Looking forward to hear from you!!


Our babies are a bit younger than yours (about between 6-10 months now), but if you ever come in to the centre of BA and would like to come along to "baby group" you would be very welcome.

We are meeting again tomorrow (Thursday 29th) at 4pm in the Botanical gardens at 4pm (unless it rains). As you enter from Av. Santa Fe go past the main building in the middle of the gardens to the right and there should be a group of babies on the grass near there.
We would love to drop by, but I am at work till late today and my wife has to stay home because we are expecting some people to do some repairs (let's hope hey come this time...). Anyways thanks for the invitation! Do you meet regulary? How did you find each other?

Anyone else out there interested in getting to know us?

Hello there. I am Joanna from Portland, OR US. I do not have any kids of my own but just worked the last 6 months as a nanny for an 18 month old. I hope to not offend you by replying to your post something you were not exactly asking for, but I am looking for a little work in order to extend my stay in Argentina and learn Spanish more fully. If your family or any of your friends are ever in need of an English speaking/partially Spanish speaking nanny or babysitter I would love to meet you. Also if you know of any way I might get my name out there in order to find work in this area I would greatly appreciate any advice! Once again, sorry for the off topic response but any information or interest you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much and take care! Joanna
Hi Joanna, don't worry. I think it is totally ok to post stuff like that on a forum. So far we have a nanny (acutally more a babysitter for the times we want to go out - we are not really fond of the concept of leaving our kid with someone else full time like lots of people do here in Argentina). Have you tried to get in contact with an Agency that could provide you jobs like that? I think being a native english speaker you might have a good chance.
Hi Gerrit, we meet most weeks, - and found each other on this website! if you have a look at the women's forum there are several threads about a baby group.
Joanna - I am looking for a babysitter some afternoons / evening for our 1 & 3 year old - please contact me if you are still interested. [email protected]

Also does the baby group still meet?