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    Browning, Seasoning, Thickening Powders

    For future projects try a brown roux recipe. You will never miss Bisto again.
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    Looking For Specific Fruits

    Mora ,the tree variety,is not commercially exploited here but grows in selected places right here in Buenos Aires.Harvest month is Oct/ Nov.
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    Found A Few Things.

    Pssst,Thorsten. Haribo Tuttifrutti,Lakritzenschnecken,Spätzle,Tchibo Kaffee und Gewürzketchup sighted March 22 at Jumbo Bullrich.... No idea about now..
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    Restaurant Review Apps

    There may be pepperoni.....
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    How To Find Where Specific Orchestra Is Playing

    These guys ?
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    Small Stores Vs Supermarkets - Deal Or No Deal?

    Another point to make is that primera marca is not becessarily mejor marca. Cheeses,dulces de leche,fiambre etc are often a lot better than the big make and cheaper. I shop in supers for bargains,rare finds,brand variety but eggs from the greengrocer,fiambres from la fiambreria,wine from the...
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    Mosquitoes Are Back (And Hungry, Very Much)

    People with gardens understand too....
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    Do I Have To Kiss Everybody???

    Lol,just realised . Do read that thing. About the repressed gringo with a ;) . I hate typing on my dumb phone !
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    Do I Have To Kiss Everybody???

    Argentines do have a sense of humor. If gou say you are an unenlightened,repressed gringo (gringo being foreigner from everywhere) they wjll understand. Offer the hand and mumble something in accented castellano. I had the opposite experience where people step up realise that being foreign I...
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    Medialunas In The Usa?

    Camberiu,imagination please. Not all halfmoon shaped pastries are meant to be croissants... Medialunas are relatives of the Italian cornetto..
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    This Weekend Jumbo Gives You 100% Back In Checks

    Thank you. Jumbo is not normally on my radar so this is a useful tip.
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    Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

    Barrio chino has a new store - tina and Co . They have a cosmetics section upstairs with all sorts of "natural" stuff. You may find it there. It is on the corner of Mendoza/Arribeńos..,well almost corner.
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    Nutella !! Nutella !! Nutella !!

    Check the label. Made in Brazil does not taste as rich as "Made in Italy".
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    Buenos Aires Nye

    Hiya, good advice so far minus the villa part. I think it all depends what you are looking for. If you are of clubbing age the night clubs are open but usually only get going around 2 am as nYE is a family event first and then an excuse to hit the clubs. We will be doing our lasy minute takers...
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    Home Repair Question

    Try mixing vinegar with bicarb .First sprinkle on the bicarb then the vinegar. It will fizz up like Soda. Then stick the showerhead in a stainless steel pot with vinegar water and boil it up if it is a metal one. Plastic ones you just need to leave to soak. Re "cleaning vinegar" no such animal...