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    American Expats in BA - Look at the Bright Side

    I'd agree with BBW that the two parties have changed over the years though I am not sure that they have both moved to the right. The Republican party, especially under Bush, has abandoned fiscal responsibility and has allowed the government to grow in a way that is in radical opposition to...
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    BA Herald

    The sale of the Herald may be a good or bad thing. The American company gave the Herald freedom to print what they wanted. They often opposed the government where they thought it wrong. On the other hand, poor proofreading and grammar have been problems.
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    What's happening with Aerolineas / Ezeiza

    I have heard that over 3,000 Aerolineas passengers have been stranded. Is there any hope that service will return to normal soon? Any one out there who has recently taken Aerolineas on international flights?
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    BA Herald

    I read that the Herald was sold to Argentine buyers (it was previously owned by a company from South Carolina) and that the editor of 40 years resigned. The Herald has long been very independent in its editorial policy. I hope it stays that way. Does anyone know just what led to the sale?
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    What's happening with Aerolineas / Ezeiza

    What is happening with Aerolineas? Apparently they are having some labor problems and a lot of flights are being cancelled. They don't answer their phones. Anyone have any information? I know that there are labor problems at Ezeiza affecting all airlines but it seems Aerolineas has its own...
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    Pericles is right that the parks are being improved. The best is the Plaza Alemana. Great restoration. Plaza Vicente Lopez is also a lot better except for the new lamp posts which would be nice if they hadn't been painted a tacky gold. The issue will now be whether the people respect these...
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    Pheasant, goose, duck, quail, venison...

    Is there anywhere that sells fresh turkey? I have only seen frozen and don't care for the taste of what I have tried. Also does the cranberry exist in Argentina?
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    Why don't Portenos know the words "I'm sorry"

    Nikad may be right that Portenos do not have good manners. Certainly I find them to lack gentleness. There are exceptions but in general I find they speak in gruff tones, shout all the time and seldom apologize for their mistakes. Other big cities in the world are full of tension but I have...
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    Deteriorating relations with the US

    If Argentines have no sympathy for Fidel, why did large crowds of students and others turn out a few years ago to hear the feeble old dictator speak (apparently for hours!) when he was in BA? And why did Argentines fill a stadium in Mar del Plata to hear Chavez spew venom aganinst the US (his...
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    Why don't Portenos know the words "I'm sorry"

    I was asked to clarify the reason behind my post. It just seems to me that Portenos seldom ever apologize for anything and tend to take the attitude that other people are wrong but not them. It seems to me to be a kind of arrogance. There are a few exceptions but generally I find people here...
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    Re. Average hourly wage for cleaner

    $12 pesos an hour is ridiculous. It also doesn't make any difference what you pay your maid in the US - very few people, professional or otherwise make anywhere near as much in Argentina as they do in the US. You should also be careful about the number of days you give her work. I am not sure...
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    Why don't Portenos know the words "I'm sorry"

    Has anyone noticed how seldom you hear these words in BA? People seem very reluctant to admit that they ever make mistakes. I find this very frustrating. Why is this?
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    Will the expat invasion end?

    I've lived in a number of countries including places where the culture was accessible. Expats here are less friendly than I found them to be in the other places. There seems to be a degree of resentment among some of the expats. I don't know what it is but I don't find them too nice in general.
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    Re: Buenos Aires crime rate - 2

    I agree with the comments about safety. Most murders and other violent crime occurs in very poor areas well outside the expat protection zone. At the same time I have to say that there IS violent crime in the good areas - especially when the victim resists. I particularly agree with the...
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    First trip to Argentina

    I wouldn't send a container until you have a visa for living in Argentina. I know of someone who did that (incredibly he got bad advice from a lawyer!) and has not been able to get his things out of the port.