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    Cerdo - Pork

    I've had similar experiences, I've found the best pork at Jumbo and Disco but it's still hit or miss there, I stock up and freeze it when I find good prices/cuts.
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    Met An Argentine Girl In The States, Need Some Perspective..

    Best comment I have read in a while! :lol: Honestly, you met someone, you had a connection, she left the country, you tried to keep in touch, life got in the way, who knows what happened after that. It's a pretty common scenario, and even with social media and smart phones it's hard to keep in...
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    Us Atm Card

    Based on recent chatter ATM's are still hit or miss, and the same ATM can be hit or miss, sometimes they will give you money sometimes they will fail. If you haven't already I'd try different banks and see if any of those work for you
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    $500.00 Bills

    I got one and all I've done is showed it and all the new security details to my friends! ;) I haven't seen anyone try to use one in a purchase yet.
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    I'm Outta Here

    It's 600 pesos if you're leaving by plane you can pay at both airports, I'd give yourself an extra hour or so just in case there are lots of people trying to do stuff at the bank!
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    Need A Good Plumber!

    Spanish is not a problem, quality/know how is! Thanks, we'll give him a call.
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    Need A Good Plumber!

    Anyone have recs for a good quality and really reliable plumber, need someone to finish a job for us who knows what they're doing, especially in regards to putting up the tile. In Recoleta area. Thanks!
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    Handyman Wanted!

    Did you find a good handyman? I'm in need of a good and reliable one! :)
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    What Do You Wish You Had Brought Or Left Behind?

    It really depends on you, if you like to cook bring good quality kitchen stuff and high end appliances that you use regularly but keep an eye on the voltage, many are not dual so if you're going to use a lot at the same time it's probably safer to invest in local. I agree I'd focus on smaller...
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    Hash Browns

    Hash browns are a simple recipe but kinda a pain to make! We scored with Aviko, bought a bunch of bags when Coto had a 50% off sale, seen them at a few locations, and they're a great addition to brunch or a breakfast sandwich without any potato peeling or grating! :)
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    Moving To Buenos Aires

    What type of suburb are you coming from? The suburbs in BA are different from any of the suburbs I ever lived in, you can still walk to many place in San Isidro. Although he will have a reverse commute, leaving the city in the morning vs driving in, depending on where you live a lot of the drive...
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    Garage Sale!

    Final discounts! 50% off listed prices for all items in this album! Women's clothes, accessories, shoes, bags!!! For prices and details click on the i (info) tab on the upper left of each photo!!!! Interested in another item, let us know, we will...
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    Finding An Agent Willing To Find Tenants In Capital Federal

    I've had the same experience, they seem very unmotivated to rent anything, and it's not a monthly rental payment they get a lump sum for the 2 year rental commission, we're not asking them to mange it which would be a monthly fee. If you find anyone msg me!!!!
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    Garage Sale!

    If you're asking about the Puma's? I replied! ;)
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    Garage Sale!

    New deals! Men's and Women's clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, for all items 300 ARS or less, buy 2 and get 1 of equal or lesser price free! Expand your closet! Need something new to do during this unusually rainy winter weather? Get yourself a Sony Playstation 3 with 10 games and all...