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    Down, down, down (a peso devaluation thread)

    why must everyone be so "technical" when all we have to say is that NEVER has it gone up in value..... against the dollar. It has always gone down until the government changes the currency "artificially" from within...not from natural economic factors, for example: an "edict" from 4:1 to 1:1
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    Demystifying american expats rants

    Buffalo is really meant to be from Tonawanda to Orchard Park and out to Clarence... Pizza by La Nova (unrivaled) Chicken Wings by Duff's (Obama ate them last time he came to Amherst) Salvatore's Italian Gardens on Transit Road. Buffalo has the best food Andersen's Custard Ted's Foot long...
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    Argentinian Accent is it the best

    I can be in the back woods of North Carolina and run into an illegal Mexican and start conversing and they will immediately tell me I am an Argentina.... and this is after being away for 50 years (coming back to get the feel every few years though). We are truly unique in the way we speak but I...
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    Can the following be found in BA?

    after eating the ice cream here, you will find some stores with more than 28 flavors. it's almost as many flavors as Jelly Bellys.. You will substiture dulce de leche for peanut butter. The chocolate at Bonafide is BETTER than Hersheys. And yes you will find the USA beers but you will also...
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    Chai tea?

    I am a Bonafide fan. As much as I hate Starbucks, their Chai Latte is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
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    Differences in Sex with Argentinas

    just the mere fact that you are asking brings you eons ahead of most... just pay attention to her sounds and body language and you will be just fine. just like the rest of the world, culture and religion will affect her inhibitions, and age of course. but most important is to just ask her.
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    The coming USA currency crisis and Argentina

    Today´s event that the Presidenta wants the Central Bank to raid the reserves to pay the country´s internal debt may give those with US dollar income a big boost. The rate of exchange may rise from 3.80 pesos to 4.50 to the dollar.... All the pots and pans being banged tonight was the...
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    heading your way! 1 month visit in feb.

    http://www.solodueñ try this site for rent (alquiler) not agencies good luck!
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    State Department changing how visa information handled, source says

    a possible solution may be a destination customs agent will have to be located at the point of embarcation now...airlines will have to create a government partnership regarding this position. nothing like eye to eye contact before loading.
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    New Years Eve?

    you spend it with family at midnight and then you go bonkers with all your friends at all the bars and at parties.
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    It´s very difficult to travel as an American these days. I always tell my friends who come along to Ba with me to keep their patriotism to themselves. Don´t wear usa t´shirts, or put any markings on your luggage or self when traveling that confirms your home port. In Argentina, you have to...
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    Fall of the Republic | The Presidency of Barack Obama

    did anyone ever notice how it´s always white American (incognito usually) men who feel threatened by Obama... they have lost control of their lives and it´s somebody else´s fault...they can´t possibly admit it was one of them that did them in. anger like that is chasing some of us white women...
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    What's Wrong with the Young Guys in BA??

    Can´t touch that
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    What's Wrong with the Young Guys in BA??

    En Argentina la obesidad según cifras oficiales está entre el 55 al 60 % de la población. Argentina not far behind...
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    English magazines and papers, anywhere?

    the Herald is also available on line but they limit how much you can read without registering or paying. when in the states, it´s great to keep up this way....