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    Cheap Flights From Argentina to Europe?!

    I can sympathize. I want to see my family for Christmas after 3 years not being able to travel and now all these taxes and restrictions on payment plans plus the high prices due to demand... it's rough.
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    When I came to Argentina ...

    First time I visited in 2004, the peso was 3 to 1. When I got married in 2012, it was 4.25. I like to look around my house and remember how many pesos we paid for things. A nice wool coat, 300 pesos. A blanket, 39 pesos. It's not so interesting in dollars, but I feel less bad about times I was...
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    website to create personalized mugs with personal photos

    You may want to try mercadolibre (Argentina's ebay/amazon.) You may need a DNI to sign up though and not sure about the payment options. Look for "taza magica personalizada."
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    US citizens and Sputnik V Situation

    I'm really not sure. I suppose one approved shot is better than none.
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    US citizens and Sputnik V Situation

    Of course. I was speaking for myself. But the lack of choice of vaccine, the wait times, the limited places one could go to receive the vaccine (which in my case turned out to be a dirty foyer with people crammed together outside) make it a poor experience for myself and many others. I...
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    US citizens and Sputnik V Situation

    I haven't been keeping up on the latest news... I know the US hasn't approved Sputnik, but far as I know travellers to the US have to take a Covid test before flying. It seems the vaccine isn't required? I just got first dose of Sputnik yesterday. I didn't want the Russian or Chinese vaccine...
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    Receiving mail from outside Argentina

    Just found out today myself that it seems little to no regular mail is getting through. My mom sent my son a birthday card 2 weeks ago... today she received it with a return to sender/suspended stamp.
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    Emergency dentist cost

    I've never had to contact them myself (though that may change if my husband doesn't get a refund from a purchase soon) and don't know if anyone there speaks English. Probably best to write to them in Spanish. I've heard good things and...
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    Emergency dentist cost

    Seems exhorbitant. My husband had a tooth pulled at a good dentist in the city and it was like 2000 pesos a couple months ago. I would fight this. Get someone (ideally a local) to get a quote for the procedures you were given from their office. Try to get it in writing - email, WhatsApp, etc...
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    FYI:Scorpion id.....

    I was shopping for a UV light (thanks to my poodle :rolleyes:) and apparently they're good for spotting scorpions, too.
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    Graham crackers

    They aren't Graham, but people use Lincoln (Terrabusi) and Coquitas (Bagley) for crusts. Chocolinas too, but that's chocolatey.
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    World Corruption Index for 2018 is out .....

    Haha! What? Now, I do have a bad habit of saying “me cago en...” when things go pear shaped (spent a little too much time with my Spanish uncle) but it's not really true. I was simply pointing out, tongue in cheek by the way, that corruption takes on different forms. Sure, I'm sure this list is...
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    World Corruption Index for 2018 is out .....

    The US should be on that list too, but might makes right.
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    Any place for the summer?

    We're not even halfway through Spring and I'm already wanting to pack up and go spend some time with the penguins. Never been.
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    Shoot out in the barrio q loco

    Yikes. Hope all ends well. In my neighborhood there's a game I like to play called “fireworks, backfire, or gunshots.” All unfortunately are very common. Cue song: In the Ghetto...