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    Dating in Argentina vs Dating in US/UK....

    Why would it be a downgrade to date a Mexican or Mexican?
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    Electrical blackouts coming

    Aren’t blackouts a common occurrence already?
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    September Flights

    Any news? Peru is allowing commercial flights to a few countries now. Argentina?
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    Thoughts on Córdoba????

    Ugly as sin, dirty but nice weather
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    September Flights

    Sounds lovely. I need to get to the interior to see my kid.
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    Are we still required to do 2 weeks of quarantine upon re-entry to Argentina?

    If you live in a building with a portero, how are you supposed to get food from PedidosYa while quarantining?
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    September Flights

    15k what?
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    September Flights

    In AirBnB it lets you look and reserve homes in November. But I haven't gone all the way through to payment.
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    September Flights

    Any news on October or November flights?
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    Central Bank nearly broke !

    yet life goes on. I don't really know anyone, including my ex-suegros, that seem to be too affected.
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    Crime spirals out of control in Rosario

    Lived there a long time between 2018 and 2020 and never noticed anything.
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    Poverty in Argentina

    Your personal anecdotal evidence isn't really compelling.