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    Any Jobs In Radio In Buenos Aires?

    As a hobby, you'll have plenty of opportunities. Don't expect a mainstream media job though, or a paid one. It's all about contacts. You'll never see an add looking for top AM/FM radios looking for staff. It doesn't help that most programs do internal production on their own.
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    Contact Lenses - Where To Buy??

    check online for Multiopticas, Hipervision, they have a lot of associated shops in the Barrio Norte area.
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    Foreigners Cannot Buy Travel In Pesos??

    Anyone understands this? Or is just another "let's build a paranoia" team communication?
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    Best Neighbourhood In Ba For Tourist To Stay.

    Palermo (the "hip" area) nowadays reminds me a lot to the 90's in San Telmo. I used to live there and being 6'2 and native Spanish speaker still would get some chills when not in a crowded/well lighted street. Palermo got dodgy (used to be mostly residential) and San Telmo dodgier. Both of those...
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    When Will The Peso Hit 10?

    Anyone knows what's the real cuevas spread today? I see 10.75/11.85 in Dolarblue site but changes a lot every hour or so. Should exchange by tomorrow as I'm leaving on Wed.
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    Eat Free On Your Birthday

    La Continental will deliver a free pizza on your birthday (if you are registered with them of course) I always add a little bit of something extra just to not feel so bad about my last order there being probably 10 years ago.
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    Best Neighbourhood In Ba For Tourist To Stay.

    If you want to be close to downtown and pretty+safe+fun (but not as much fun as Palermo) then Recoleta hands down
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    Supermarket Blackout Movement /tomorrow Friday

    Yes, problem is that you heard it from Samid http://www.infonews....los-barrios.php Really hope they'd do that. But I think it will be like most things done by this (and previous) Govts, corruption/coima, inefficiency, needing subsidio to maintain the program, etc Cheap basic housing+food and...
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    Supermarket Blackout Movement /tomorrow Friday

    Saw the "these are the ones stealing your salary" posters? I don't have a supermarket, so really wouldn't know how big the profit could be. Now, if the Gov't and related associations claim that there's such a big rip off going on, why don't they run a "supermercado popular" with the prices they...
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    Supermarket Blackout Movement /tomorrow Friday

    One thing I don't get. Ok, Mercado Central IS damn cheaper. But is just ONE case. Why boycott the supermarkets when I go there in first place because is the cheapest place for me? (no car, no way to get to Mercado Central) Shouldn't boycott as well a chino? a kiosco? Or is it the provider? The...
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    Where Can I Get Good Quality Visiting Cards Printed

    anyone got ever asked about their "tarjeta de visita" in Argentina? Never heard that one before. Always "tarjetas personales"
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    Holidays In Bsas

    Hm, I don't think there's any CABA specific holiday.
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    Mac Book Pro Gets Pushed Off Wifi Every 3 Minutes, Advice?

    check Apple forums
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    Verizon "global Phone" Not So Global.

    Watch the fineprint on that T-Mobile "Worlwide" chip deal. If you spend more time overseas than in the States they take it down.
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    Super Bowl Sunday.

    That was damn boring unless you are a Seahawks fan. Superbowl was 2 weeks ago. And that means we (Kaep) choked twice in 2 years during the most important game. I got to see Yong's SB, otherwise I'd be fuming. Now if the Warriors can make 1 more move to get the NBA ring, I'd have lived...